Architectural & Mechanical Acoustic Solutions

“Construmat” is a Trading and installation Company of Mechanical and Architectural Acoustic Products. “ACOUSTAIR” is an engineering company in the acoustic field able to handle a full-service of acoustic Solutions. ACOUSTAIR (OFFSHORE) is a sister company to ACOUSYSTEM LIBAN dedicated for the projects outside Lebanon for fiscal reason. We have been on the team of many architectural teams and asked to provide solutions and procedures for all types of acoustical problems. 

When you are looking to create a decorative, durable and acoustically controlled environment we can offer custom made solutions for walls, ceilings, cabinet doors and baffles. Finishes include veneer, paint melamine and high pressure laminate.

Our Engineers are experts in the field of internal and external acoustics. They have extensive experience in multiple fields of acoustics such as, reverberation studies, environmental assessments, and mechanical noise control.

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